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AS Colour

Showcase Shirt 2024

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Cotton T-Shirt with Showcase print. 

We are offering three different styles/ weighted t-shirts for adults. 
1. Round Neck (Basic) - 160gsm
2. V-Neck (Bevel) - 150gsm
3. Round Neck (Classic) - 220gsm

Showcase T-Shirts are special orders. Orders are placed once per week so all items will be ready for collection approximately one week from order. Final orders will be taken on Saturday 29 June, 2024. 

Note: The prints are all one size. Therefore the size of the T-shirt will determine how much of the back of the shirt will be covered in the print. For example: as child size 4 the print will take up most of the back, an adult Medium the print will take up the centre part of the back.